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How To Successfully Run Your Facebook Campaigns

Paul Harrison Paul Harrison

Engagement versus likes.

This is the biggest misunderstanding businesses have when measuring the effectiveness of their Facebook campaign. There are likes, but there is engagement too — so which one do you track?
It’s true that many businesses have become dangerously short sighted when it comes to Facebook as a marketing platform. Opposed to the expectations and pioneering in the wrong way, they are left without any actionable clues to base their digital strategy on.

If you found yourself in this very situation, there is no need to be nervous. It’s true that no one can control the Internet — but learning a new trick every day will set you on a better path. So, what’s the deal with Facebook, and what’s the best way to track it when it comes to marketing?

Gathering likes is a past

A long time ago, likes were the only indicator that a post on Facebook is successful and well embraced by the audience. Nowadays, there are tons of tools, filters and indicators showing the actual clicks, time spent on page and a lot of other analytics. That being said, the likes are not anymore the vital point of Facebook. After all, every business wants new customers or leads – and they will only come if the post shared is well accepted by the audience, right?

Another fact worth mentioning is that consumers have become the biggest brand ambassadors nowadays. It’s up to them to decided whether your products or services ‘pass’ in the digital space and whether your message is distinct and clear enough to be well accepted.

Now that we covered the present situation on Facebook, and basically all the social media platforms, let’s list the key points you should have in mind when optimising your message for your Facebook followers.

Three secrets to successful Facebook campaigns that engage

The key points of the above mentioned situation should be something every business starts putting to practice. So, take these tips and turn them into your favour, making them as perfect as possible.

1. Take advantage of the new product ads platform

Are you selling products online? If yes, take a look at Facebook’s new Dynamic Adverts platform. It allows you directly promote your products on your customer’s news feed. You can create ads and catalogues, and directly promote these on the news feed of your current and potential customers.

2. Make use of retargeting

Did someone browse your online shop but leave without making a purchase? Or look at your online brochure without getting in touch? Retargeting allows your to target your advertising to those who have visited your site before and tailor the advert based on the pages they were on. When you saw adverts based on your Amazon searches before, that was retargeting in action.

Facebook’s implementation, titled Custom Audiences, allows you to display adverts in the news feed of your previous visitors, re-engaging them and recovering what could have been a lost sale.

3. Find new customers similar to your current customers

In other words, this audience is a group of people following the same products, brands or services that you offer but don’t happen to know or have heard your brand.

A final word

In the end, we can definitely agree on one thing – Facebook has transformed from a social network to a full-service marketing platform. Brands are investing thousands of dollars daily in it, and the results are phenomenal.

However, spending money is not the same as spending money rationally. After all, there are tons of features to take advantage of and you can lose time and money while waiting for the best results. If that’s your case, we’d love to help you make most of your social media activity.

If you are interested in learning more about growing your online business, make sure to get in touch with us and see how our expertise can help you!

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