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Social Networks news

The latest news on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

With 63% of UK adults using social media in 2016, it’s no surprise that social media is being utilised more to interact and engage with customers.

Read our news and articles on Social Networks to boost your results from your social media campaigns.

Optimising images for SEO

Optimising images for SEO

Your read it right, SEO on images You’re probably sat there thinking “SEO on images? Have these guys gone mad?” But truth be told that doing something as simple as making sure you have named the image in a fashion that Google and other search engines can pick keywords out IS going to help improve…

Want to learn about the tsu social network?

Want to learn about the tsu social network?

Firstly, what is tsu? tsu is a ground breaking new social media network where the business model is to give back 90% of all the advertising revenue back its users. The amount you receive each month will largely depend on the amount of friends and followers you have. Sounds great! What can I spend the…

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